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Farewells/Abschiede 3

Farewells/Abschiede 3

Edited by Lutz Wohlrab

An assembling with contributions by Anna Banana (CA), Vittore Baroni (IT), Keith Bates (GB), Guy Bleus (BE), buZ blurr (US), Hans Braumüller (CL, DE), Carl Chew (US), David Dellafiora (AT), Hans Ruedi Fricker (CH), György Galántai (HU), Klaus Groh (DE), John Held, Jr. (US), Susanna Lakner (DE), Francis Van Maele (IE), Graciela Gutiérrez Marx (AR), Rea Nikonova (RU), Clemente Padin (UY), Serge Segay (RU), Klaus Staeck (DE), John Tostado (US) & Lutz Wohlrab (DE).

33 Copies – 9 for sale

Format: 29,5 x 21 cm

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Mail Art is not only making, but also preserving, collecting, organizing and remembering. At Friedrich Winnes’ (1949–2005) funeral it has been a consolation for his friends to arrange for a Book of the Dead. Which turned into two. They were published by Uwe-Warnke-Verlag, Berlin in 2005 and 2007. After the death of John Evans (1932–2012) and Shozo Shimamoto (1928–2013) it was time again to publish another volume of »farewells«. In it mail artists honor their deceased friends. As I resumed my publishing activity in 2009 with a book that honors Robert Rehfeldt (1931–1993), it is only logical that the third Farewells issue is now appearing in my own publishing house.

Farewells/Abschiede 3 – Banana Farewells/Abschiede 3 – Chew Farewells/Abschiede 3 – Dellafiora Farewells/Abschiede 3 – Tostado Farewells/Abschiede 3 – Lakner Farewells/Abschiede 3 – Staeck

Images of all contributions can be found here.